/Google Plus Shutting down Review

Google Plus Shutting down Review

Unfortunately, Google will be shutting down the Google Plus within the next 10 months from now. This happen due to the previously security vulnerabilities that have exposed many users’ profile data since March 2018.

Google have discovered an security bug that allow third party developers to access to any of private profile data of users that using the Google Plus network.

Google have states in their blog that

Google+ currently has “low usage and engagement” and that 90 percent of Google+ user sessions last less than five seconds. Still, the company plans to keep the service alive for enterprise customers who use it to facilitate conversation among co-workers.

Ben Smith, Google fellow and VP of engineering, writes

“Only apps directly enhancing email functionality — such as email clients, email backup services and productivity services (e.g., CRM and mail merge services) — will be authorized to access this data.”

Source:  Google is shutting down Google+ for consumers following security lapse

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