The year 2017 will raise down their curtains in a few days, and we will facing a new year soon. Because of that, there are a few prediction that might occurs in the year of 2018 which one of it will be about ransomware, IOT Device Security and Mobile Security.
The details of the prediction is such as the following:

  1. IOT Device Security

As we know, there will increase the usage of IOT device and expand in the coming year. Soon, a lot of marketer will be offering the IOT device and open chances of expanding the IOT device in the market. IOT device will also integrate in the cloud environment As a result, the important in using IOT Device will be highlight in next year 2018.

      2. Ransomware

The Ransomware is one of the famous attack in the years 2017. One of the famous Ransomware that take the world by storm is “WannaCry” and “Petya”. I predict that the ransomware attack will be increased in the years 2018.
3. Mobile Security
Nowadays, all people will have at least one mobile with them either Android or iOs. One of the things that people need to look out is the “Data Leakage” which can be consider as one of the dangerous attack on the mobile device. People also need to aware of “Wi-Fi Security” where the attacker can use the public Wi-fi to launch an MITM( Man-In-The-Middle) Attacks.

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