/Burpsuite 1.7.30

Burpsuite 1.7.30

A few hours ago, Burpsuite have released a new version to the public which is called Burpsuite 1.7.30. In the previous version of Burpsuite, the user can choose a vast of options and area in scanning the system.

As the latest version, the user can choose a separate of area in scanning the system such as SQL Injection, xPath Injection, Cross-Site Scripting and other more.

The user also can choose whether to select based on scan type or individual issues like been shown as below:

        Source: Burpsuite Release

If the user choose on using individual issues, they can also choose detection method where it will be give granular control over the scanning method and the result. The example is been shown like below:

  Source: Burpsuite Release

For those who wanted to use the latest version of Burpsuite, can download here

Source: Burpsuite Release

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